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At GiessTech, we are dedicated to creating accessible, efficient,
and cost-effective robotic solutions

Founded in 2023

Established in 2023, Giess Tech stands as the pioneering force behind the world's inaugural line of desktop-grade collaborative robots. We proudly present 8 principal product lines: CRA, CRAS, CR, CRS, MG400, M1 Pro, Nova, and Magician, encompassing more than a dozen distinct collaborative robot models.

Distinguishing ourselves in the industry, we offer a product lineup that spans payloads ranging from 0.5 to 20 kg. To date, Dobot has distributed over 68,000 collaborative robots to 100 countries and regions, maintaining the top rank as the largest Chinese robot exporter by volume for four consecutive years.

Currently, Giess Tech robots are operational in over 15 diverse industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, metal processing, semiconductor, healthcare, chemical, and retail.

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Establish the global standards for smart manufacturing.


Achieve the best possible human-machine cooperation

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